What We're All About

Tapstack was founded in 2014 as Taptalk, and since then, we’ve built a product that’s all about helping people connect more deeply to the those they care about.

Our app represents a new form of communication - something in between messaging and social media - that quickly becomes indispensible for our users. It’s the easiest way to maintain a regular, day-to-day presence in the lives of those they tap with, and more importantly, it gives them a way to share all the little moments that they might not have ever otherwise shared via phone or text.

  • Why the rebranding?

    We used our first major version update since 2014 as an opportunity to rebrand as Tapstack, further highlighting our two main differentiators - the ‘Tap’ (our truly unique interaction model of how you send photos and videos) and the ‘Stack’ (the ability to permanently save these Taps into shared albums with friends and family)

  • The major upgrades from the previous version

    - Complete UX/UI rehaul, for better looks and usability
    - Ability to permanently save Taps
    - Ability to send Taps not only to individuals, but also to small groups
    - New log, allowing users to view sent Taps
    - Ability to customize one’s grid of contacts

  • How do you use Tapstack?

    Sharing moments on Tapstack is different than anywhere else. Here, you send Taps - photos or videos that are simultaneously shot and sent in one simple action. To send a photo, tap the face of the person you want to send it to from your grid of contacts and an image is both shot and sent, simultaneously. A video is sent by holding your finger down on the face of the person you want to send it to. You can record a clip of up to 10 seconds, which is shot and sent as soon as you lift your finger up. In addition to sending Taps to individuals, you can create small groups to send collective Taps to, plus add text, drawings or emoji to your Taps before you send ‘em. You can also save any favorite Tap to your Stack, a shared album of saved Taps between you and the sender.

  • What is our space?

    Tapstack lives in the space in between messaging and social media. It’s for people who want to share photos and videos - but in a more intimate way, only with those they’re closest to. We call the action of this ‘moment sharing’, and you could consider the larger space we’re part of as ‘personal media’.

  • How we're different from messaging apps

    On messaging apps, you need think about what to say, type it out on a keyboard, and then engage in the back-and-forth of a conversation, but sending a Tap neither demands an immediate response, nor the use of words at all. It’s just one super-simple gesture that lets you reach out and let someone know that they’re on your mind.

  • How we're different from social media

    On social media, you might filter or otherwise edit your images, then share them with the widest audience possible - but not so on Tapstack. We help our users forge greater intimacy in their relationships by sharing real, in-the-moment details of one’s daily life with friends and family. It also matters that those who receive your Taps know that the content was created exclusively for them or a small group that they’re part of.

  • "Isn't this just another Snapchat?"

    Nope! Tapstack has a one-tap interaction that both shoots and sends your photo or video, simultaneously. With us, there’s no previews or do-overs, so what you share is the most in-the-moment version of yourself and your life. Beyond that, we’re built for you to share Taps with one person at a time, or in small groups, leading to more personal interactions, whereas on Snapchat, you can send multiple people the same exact Snap and publish it into your story for anyone to see. Another major differentiator is that on Tapstack you can permanently save any Tap you like to your Stack, a shared album of saved Taps between you and those you tap with, and on Snapchat there is no option to save the Snaps you send or receive.

Our Philosophy

There are four basic principles that guide everything we do as a company. They are:

  • Simplicity

    For us, it’s all about super-simple, functional design, to keep our users’ interactions as quick and naturalistic as possible.

  • Spontaneity

    We’re all about giving our users a lightweight, spontaneous way to capture and share the most in-the-moment version of themselves and their lives.

  • Authenticity

    On other platforms you share your life’s highlights, but Tapstack is where you share the real, unfiltered version of your everyday experience with those closest.

  • Intimacy

    With no previews, do-overs, or filters, it’s a bit vulnerable to send a Tap, but it’s those kinds of interactions that build real intimacy between people

Some of Our Favorite Tapstack Stories


Much has changed in our app since we launched a few years ago as Taptalk, but here’s what people had to say about us back then:

  • The Verge

    "Taptalk is, dare I say, cooler than Snapchat...There’s some genuinely great thinking behind the app that primes it for success in today’s hottest app category."

  • Wired

    "It's not about being polished, it's about being authentic...It's incredibly quick and easy to use, and that's the whole point."

  • Forbes

    "Investors may be attracted to the company because it offers something slightly different than other messaging services...Taptalk doesn’t bill itself as a disappearing messaging service, a la Snapchat, but sees itself as more of a digital walkie-talkie for smartphones."

  • Techcrunch

    ""Actor and investor, Ashton Kutcher, has endorsed photo and video messaging app Taptalk to his 16 million-plus Twitter followers, telling them it “just secured homepage real estate on my phone.”

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